Green Guru Gone? (a poem)

So, is he or isn’t he going to run?

Will he be drafted or will he shun

The adoration,

The adulation

Which the mighty Oscar has begun?


The world stampedes to raise this man

To heights of greatness if he can

Resist  the temptation

Of insane bloviation

And lose the title of also-ran.


Is he Alpha Male?  Is he just one of the guys?

Is he acclaimed and looked up to with eager eyes,

Using his charm

To persuade and disarm

Those whose true sanity says otherwise?


No, the Green Guru is fading,

His great days of persuading

Are marred forsooth

By scientific truth.

His sophomoric waste is now degrading.


Farewell faded Veep.

What you sowed you’ll now reap.


Mimi Evans Winship