Celebrity (a poem)

It's tough to be me
With celebrity

Burdened with fame
My fans are so lame

I put myself in your face
But now want my space

To be free of you peons
Is going to take eons

Your support bought my house
But now I will grouse

I say that it's luck
That brought me the bucks

And when I reap it
I'm gonna keep it

Especially if....
I get working stiffs

To fund all my causes
While I get applauses

Bring on the swag
In my oscar bag

New Orleans could use it
But I won't refuse it

Or donate it to
Any of you

Who have suffered
While I'm buffered

No, luck brought it to me
I'll keep it, so sue me

Would you like to be us
In our driveways a Prius

Behind garage doors though..
Gas guzzlers I call foe

While I'm in the spotlight
I tell you to please fight..

...Energy waste
For I am so chaste

I transport my pets
On private jets

Buy them diamonds of blood
While you work in the mud

My commitments are clear
Listen and hear