Al Gore should put up or shut up

Lord Monckton, whose challenge to Al Gore's theories we highlighted, has issued a challenge  to Gore to hold an internationally televised debate. An already existing written back-and-forth is on the record, but millions of people will not bother slogging through it. They would, however, tune in for a televised debate.

If, as I suspect, Gore is waiting for Hillary to crash and burn before declaring his candidacy for president, this challenge becomes all the more urgent. It is time for demonstrators to start following Gore around to his public appearances demanding that he debate.

More and more scientists are stepping forward and expressing their well-founded doubts about the highly questionable "science" underlying this speculative theory. Lod Monckton put it well. Gore should

"step up to the plate and defend his advocacy of policies that could do grave harm to the welfare of the world's poor. If Mr. Gore really believes global warming is the defining issue of our time, the greatest threat human civilization has ever faced, then he should welcome the opportunity to raise the profile of the issue before a worldwide audience of billions by defining and defending his claims against a serious, science-based challenge."