Al Gore: enviro-shill

This small item  appeared yesterday in the Glasgow Herald. It talks of Al Gore urging pension fund managers - in the country where he has a green investment fund - to invest in more green energy companies. He urges that pension fund managers not worry so much about short term profits with established companies, but rather to fund development level (read: start-up) green energy companies.

Follow the money. Gore has got a nice racket going here. Claim that those who don't invest in just the sort of fund he can profit from are failing in an imagined environmental fiduciary duty.
Mr. Gore, could of course sell the over one half million dollar Occidental Petroleum stake he manages as the executor of his late father's estate and put all the money in small green companies. But other people's money has so many advantages, especially if you get a cut when the money goes in, long before the success or failure of the investment becomes known.

(Jack Kemp is not the politician of the same name.)
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