Should Americans boycott Austria?

What do you say about a country that sells 800 50-caliber state-of-the-art sniper rifles to Iran, and then acts surprised when those rifles magically end up killing American Soldiers next door in Iraq?

I say, boycott their tourist industry and buy your guns some place else. If only 10 percent of American tourists boycott Austria for a few years, and go to visit beautiful Prague next door, or go to Costa Rica instead of perfidious Europe, the Austrians would take a sudden interest in how their exports to the Islamofascists kill American Soldiers in Iraq. The United States protected Austria from Soviet invasion for fifty years, and allowed its economy to flourish without the bother of spending money or blood on defense. Nations rarely show gratitude; it's up to individual Americans in their thousands and millions to remember what they owe us.
Go to Denmark instead. In the Cartoon Jihad Denmark's conservative government stood up for civilization. The cartoonists themselves may still be in hiding, for all I know, but the Danes set an example for all of Europe and the world. We should Buy Danish, visit Denmark, and show our appreciation concretely.

Next door, Sweden has long gotten away with taking puffing itself up for its "peaceful" policies, while selling heavy armaments like jet planes and artillery to all comers. To Liberals around the world the Swedes have sold themselves as a "progressive" and peace-loving socialist nation that still works. In fact, they have done the least of all the Nordic nations to resist jihadi immigration and agitation. Sweden is the most PC-obsessed country in the world, where free speech is only a dim memory. I say, go to Denmark, and skip Sweden for a while. Go to Finland or Alaska, which has more beautiful sights.
About one out of three Americans is a conservative. We have immense, trillion-dollar clout as a political movement. Even the US government may not have the same influence, or the willingness to use it, that conservatives do.

Let's use that clout for good ends. A lot of our foreign "friends" deserve a big drop in their tourist dollars. We think individuals don't make a difference, in tamping down the elite hostility and hate campaigns against the United States, especially in Europe. Well, single individuals may not, but millions of us can have one heck of an impact.

Use  your money wisely. Visit our allies, not our enemies. And for countries wanting to have it both ways, just don't spend your money there. And let  them know what you are doing.

You'll be surprised how fast the Austrians will come around.

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