Shame on the American Library Association!

Nat Hentoff writes a stunning op-ed in the Washington Times about the persecution of librarians in Cuba, and the book burning that is engaged in by the totalitarian communist dictator, Fidel Castro. Of course, such hideous behavior is no surprise coming from a communist tyrant, although Castro continues to have American admirers in Hollywood aplenty.

But what is particularly shameful about the American response to Castro's treatment of librarians is that the American Library Association refuses to lift a finger in protest, much less do something to save their Cuban counterparts. Update: An ALA member has contacted me and brought to my attention  a resolution
“urg[ing] the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) to take action to improve the Cuban people's access to books and other information materials on all topics through Cuba's libraries.”
This is not directed at helping free the Cuban librarians. Moreover, the ALA spends even more verbiage in the resolution (follow link above to view it)  attacking US sanctions against Cuba than even this mild language indirectly urging pressure on Cuba to improve access to information.

It demonstrates the utter moral bankruptcy of the ALA. Nobody should give them any credence when they lobby for free access to internet porn in libraries. They have no moral standing at all.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky
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