Russert on the hot seat

Tim Russert has got some explaining to do. At the close of the Libby Trial on Tuesday, the defense indicated it wanted to recall Russert to the stand to impeach a statement of his. The life of a TV talking head tends to leave a lot of evidence of what one knows and doesn't know.

Russert had claimed that he didn't know that the special accommodations worked out by NBC lawyers and the prosecutor to allow him to give his deposition with his lawyers present and not before the grand jury was a special deal, and that he did not know that witnesses before a grand jury were not allowed to have counsel present.

I think this remark he made on the August 6, 1998 CNN Larry King Live show, will certainly be one of the impeaching statements the defense offers up:
RUSSERT: It's been suggested by no less than the former governor of New York the other night, that now that the president has decided that he's going to testify before the grand jury, why do it in the Oval Office and why insist that his lawyer be there.?

Go into the grand jury without a lawyer, like every other American citizen, go  
ahead, ask me any question you want and I'll give you an honest answer.