Room at the Top for the U.N.

Mayor Bloomberg is looking for office space for the United Nations.  Why? 

Foreign diplomats and their financial contribution to local businesses "would not be there if the United Nations wasn't in New York City, and to lose the United Nations would be a disaster," the mayor said.
This is the same United Nations that would like Libya to head the Human Rights Commission and the same U.N. that allowed a platform for Hugo Chavez to call the U.S. President the "devil".  It is also the same United Nations that condemns the U.S. and Israel at every turn.  It is the same U.N. that refused to enforce its 17 resolutions against the dictator in Iraq (now deceased).  It is the same U.N. that turned the oil-for-food program for Saddam Hussein's Iraq into a money spigot for Kofi Anan, his family and friends.  It is the same United Nations that sends its peacekeepers to rape children and women the world over, while it ignores genocide in Africa.  And, it's the same U.N. that doesn't seem to have a problem with terrorists

The answer for office space, then, for this corrupt group of tin-horn dictators and do-nothing diplomats, is to lease them 20 floors of the soon to be built Freedom Tower.  New York, after all, cannot afford to lose the big bucks these elitists throw around. 

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