Jihack Attacks

MEMRI points today to plans for coordinated Islamist hack attacks on websites the enemies of Allah --- which might include most the web, this site included. Targets for Jihack attacks include:
"...websites that slander Islam or launch attacks against Islamic websites, or ... that interfere with the goal of rendering Islam supreme (e.g. Christian websites). More recently, however, the mujahideen have begun to cite additional objectives: avenging the death of Muslim martyrs and the suffering of Muslims worldwide (including imprisoned jihad fighters); inflicting damage on Western economy; affecting the morale of the West; and even bringing about the total collapse of the West."
It all sounds like a James Bond movie, with jihadis playing Dr. No or Ernst Stavro, the evil supervillains. Problem is, they're real.

According to MEMRI:
"The mujahideen's own statements show that they mean to position themselves as a formidable electronic attack force which is capable of inflicting severe damage - greater even than the damage caused by conventional terrorist attacks."
As one of the jihadi sites puts it:
" The Worshipers of the Cross and their followers have already been warned that their websites may be broken into and destroyed. ... We shall take revenge upon you, O Zionists and Worshippers of the Cross. We shall never rest or forget what you did to us. [There are only two options] in electronic jihad for the sake of Allah: Victory or death. "
Where's 007 when we need him? Until he shows up, keep your internet defenses up to date.
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