Generals gone wild

Former US generals have called upon a foreign power (the UK)  to stop US moves against Iran. Does anyone else have a problem about the propriety here?  The BBC reports:

With Iran defying the Security Council over its enrichment of uranium and the United States threatening further pressure, there are signs of organised grassroots opposition emerging to any military attack.

A pressure group in Britain has urged a diplomatic solution. There are stirrings among religious leaders and members of parliament.

And three senior retired US military officers have said that they "strongly caution against the use of military force". They have called on Britain to play a "vital role in securing a renewed diplomatic push". [....]

The call by Crisis Action has been backed up by a letter to the Sunday Times from three former senior US military commanders - Generals Robert G Gard Jr and Joseph P Hoar and Vice Admiral Jack Shanahan. General Hoar is a former commander in chief of US Central Command, which covers the Middle East.

Their statement says: "An attack on Iran would have disastrous consequences for security in the region, collation forces in Iraq and would further exacerbate regional and global tensions. The current crisis must be resolved through diplomacy.

"There is time available to talk."
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