Gavin "my pants made me do it" Newsom

Today's American Thinker features a touching letter to the editor describing SF Mayor Gavin Newsome's "tragedy." But as usual in Baghdad on the Bay, words don't mean what they mean. "Tragedies" are excusable.  Newsome's tragedy was to follow his horniness, an honored preoccupation in the city, and one that well-qualifies him to be Mayor. But "tragedy"? I thought a tragedies happen to people. Only in Fantasyland do one's sexual organs take over without the knowledge of higher nerve centers. Shafting the wives of one's good friends is a matter of forethought and strategy. Newsome thought he could get away with it. When the betrayed friend is also one's campaign manager, that is stupid as well as arrogant: "Character flaw" is a better term than "tragedy."  

Gavin Newsom is the San Francisco Treat. The city deserves him.
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