Damage toll mounts from NYT SWIFT leaks while MSM pays no heed

When the New York Times chose to reveal  secret information about the monitoring of international financial transactions last June, critics, including American Thinker, posited that this would seriously hamper efforts to identify the financiers of terrorism. Editor Bill Keller airily dismissed such concerns.

Now, evidence has arrived that Keller's attitude was as ridiculous as the contention that his paper is unbiased. Our contributor Noel Sheppared,
writing at Newsbusters , notes:
As reported by Agence France-Presse on February 1 (h/t to Dan at Riehl World View): "The agency, the European Data Protection Supervisor, told the bank to come up with measures ‘to make its payment operations fully compliant with data-protection legislation,' urging it to ‘take appropriate measures as soon as possible.'"

Hadn't heard about this? Well, how could you? After all, according to Google and LexisNexis searches, the only major American media outlet to bother reporting this was, coincidentally and quite ironically, the New York Times.
Noel sums up the situation we are now faced with, courtesy of the New York Times, Bill Keller, and his boss Pinch Sulzberger:
...this counterterrorism program is about to go the way of the dodo, and you and your people are to thank.

Hope you and all the folks on the left who celebrated your decision to release this information for the public's welfare are happy.
Rumors swirl that a criminal investigation is underway on the leak to the New York Times. Now that terrorists have a freer hand in transferring money in secrecy, the planning and execution of horrific terror attacks on the United States has become easier.