Carbon Credit (a poem)

I’d like to donate part of my own carbon credit

To one of the Gore households, where I’ll bet it

Could light a guest room  for one  whole day,

That’s all I can offer because I may


Have to use the rest to sustain my brood

For  a year or more, though my guilt-filled mood

Tells me I’m selfish  to put food on our table

When one of my betters might be able


To use it more wisely , more justly than I.

I’m torn apart realizing that my

Serving  my family first might destroy the earth.

I’m shredded with shame,  I’m doubting my worth.


Surely the wisdom of Leonardo Di Caprio

Should lighten my spirit instead of trap me so.

I’ll chew on my fingers, my clothes I’ll rend

Waiting for the world to end.


On the other hand I think this stuff is fluff

And with all of this hot air I’ve had enough…


Mimi Evans Winship