Bond bombs

FBI Agent Bond admits that she mistestified when she said that Libby told her Rove told Novak. In fact he said Rove said Novak told him about Plame. Tom Maguire wraps up the testimony of Bond, who proved to be yet another weak prosecution witness .

The jury has now started listening to the tapes of Libby's testimony before the grand jury. You can read the transcript of 20 pp of the grand jury testimony previously put into evidence by the prosecution here

A blogger in the media room reports that in the tapes of the grand jury, Libby sounds careful and refers to his notes Indeed, he sounds infinitely more punctilious that all the prosecution witnesses who've testified in the trial.)

Azaghal explains why to that same blogger Fitzgerald sounds so confident on the tapes:

1. He is the "functional equivalent of the Attorney General," and so is expressly answerable to no one at DoJ.
2. As such he can exempt himself from DoJ guidelines that he finds irksome.

3. He has his target under oath before the GJ.

4. The target thinks this investigation is to uncover a substantive crime.

5. The target thinks he is innocent and has nothing to fear from the truth.

6. The target has been told by the President of the United States that he must not assert his rights under the Constitution of the United States.

7. Fitz knows that the FBI can be relied upon to write up their interviews in a prejudicial manner.

8. Fitz knows the target can't see those interviews until he's indicted.

9. Fitz knows the GJ will hear testimony from the FBI that the target won't hear and so won't be able to respond to.

10. Fitz knows he's after process violations and is simply trying to get Libby to say something that can be twisted when Fitz speaks to the GJ--without the target present to rebut.
I don't know what more anyone could have expected  when this extra-statutory and unconstitutional appointment was made, and those on the right  who claim to believe in a nation under law and yet kept silent about this special appointment out of a misplaced faith in  the aggressive and "creative"Fitzgerald can now see what they helped put into place.