Turns out small towns are smile towns

It took me a while to stumble across it, but it turns out that my thesis in "Small Towns are Smile Towns" -- that small towns are, indeed, friendly, connected places in which to live -- is absolutely correctly.  While I was out of town last Thanksgiving, I missed a study of 15,000 Americans that demonstrated that suburban dwellers are indeed happier and more socially connected than their urban counterparts.  Heck, they didn't need to ask 15,000 people.  I could have told them that!

The writer called
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Update: Bookworm writes:

Seth Cooper ably wrote about the moral and legal issues tied in with the rising bestiality debate.  All this talk about bestiality inevitably puts me in mind of Peter Singer, the Princeton "ethicist" who thinks bestiality is fine -- as long as the animal consents.  The animal rights movement he created is not amused.  I blogged about it, briefly,
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