Saddam on the joys of gassing people (updated)

For those who thought Saddam's demise was just too, too crude; for those who thought the post hanging cell phone videos popping up everywhere just too, too undignified here are some truly wrenching videos and recordings from his trial. 
The video showed the horrors: a father wailing in grief as he found his children lying along a street littered with bodies; dead mothers clutching gas-choked infants to their breasts in swaddling clothes; young sisters embracing each other in death; and trucks piled high with civilian bodies. "I ask the whole world to look at these images, especially those who are crying right now," Mr. Faroun said, referring to the outpouring of sympathy for Mr. Hussein.
As for those who protest that his sneaky underlings, not Saddam himself were not to blame for the gas attacks, his voice is clearly heard stating
"I don't know if you know this, Comrade Izzat, but chemical weapons are not used unless I personally give the orders," he says.
For those who mourn over the barbaric killing of Mr. Hussein, redirect your tears to the real victims.

Update: Clarice Feldman notes James Taranto's wonderful item in Best of the Web awhile ago at on how a former CIA agent megaphoned by the New York Times claimed that Iran supplied the poison gas.