"One of the most wide-ranging intellectuals in America today"

That is how the Vanderbilt Register quotes the chair of Vanderbilt's English Department head describing Houston Baker, a new hire from Duke. From Durham in Wonderland:
The article highlighted Baker's telling of his past achievements in "typically self-effacing fashion," and offered a fawning tone throughout. The chair of the English Department, Jay Clayton, hailed Baker as "one of the most wide-ranging intellectuals in America today in any field of the humanities. He is prolific and writes to an audience far broader than academic specialties."

Here's how the article described Baker's behavior last spring, in a tone and content that suggested admiration for his activities: "He also was the leading dissident voice inside Duke University regarding that administration's handling of rape accusations against members of its lacrosse team."

How did Baker become the "leading dissident"? The paper doesn't actualy tell people at Vanderbilt.

In late March, lamenting the "college and university blind-eying of male athletes, veritably given license to rape, maraud, deploy hate speech, and feel proud of themselves in the bargain," Baker issued a public letter denouncing the "abhorrent sexual assault, verbal racial violence, and drunken white male privilege loosed amongst us." To act against "violent, white, male, athletic privilege," he urged the "immediate dismissals" by Duke of "the team itself and its players."
As K.C. Johnson notes, Baker's outrageous behavior didn't end there. But continued to an absolutely uncalled for and intemperate response to the mother of an unindicted lacrosse player  who appealed to him to defend the students against the fake charges which he quotes .I urge you to read it to see what wide-ranging intellectuals in America" think and say about justice, due process and white male students.

Here's more about the career of this major intellectual.
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