O little terrorist town of Bethlehem

Just before Christmas a few weeks ago several Christian clerics scooted off to Bethlehem, ostensibly to celebrate the holiday. While there but definitely not in the spirit of the season, these clerics denounced Israel for its necessary security barriers and checks, needed because of all the terrorism emanating from the town Christians believe is the birthplace of Jesus.  Ignoring the plight of the diminishing number of Christian residents, they instead criticized Israel  for protecting itself from death and destruction while remaining silent about Arab Moslem terrorism.

Hmm, so what will they say about the latest arrest of a female terrorist and discovered with weapons in that not so peaceful little town?
An IDF force arrested a wanted Palestinian in Bethlehem early Tuesday morning; nine pipe bombs were uncovered by the soldiers in the building the woman was arrested in.

Troops also confiscated two assault rifles, three ammunition clips, knives and a large amount of ammunition from the building.
Their  silence shrieks volumes.