More reasons to praise this country

Yesterday was truly a historic day for many Americans.  More than five hundred years after Italian Christopher Columbus set sail for America, Nancy Pelosi  ripped through the Parmesan ceiling becoming the first Italian-American Speaker of the House.  As a result no longer will ethnicity be a barrier to reaching the highest echelons of government.  Why now an Italian American can even think of running for president. 

And like the dog that did not bark solved a mystery for Sherlock Holmes what did not happen yesterday should solve a mystery for all the blame America first crowd.  Should, but alas, won't.  After 12 years in power the Republicans, while privately maybe shedding a few tears, legally and without protest, handed the gavel over to the Democrats.  Twelve years ago, after many years in power, the Democrats did the same for the Republicans.  No opponents assassinated, no riots, no coups--just a peaceful change of government.  Happens here all the time so we're accustomed to it; however that's not the way of much of the world.  And that is one of the many reasons this country attracts so many.

And let's wish Bush and Pelosi well.  Over in the Senate, ex Ku Klu Klanner, Robert Byrd (Dem-W.Va) was elected President Pro Tempore which means the 88 year old is in the line of presidential succession--proving that hate group membership is no longer a barrier for high government office.