Hose Colored Glasses

Recently Clarice Feldman addressed the issue of discriminatory affirmative action, making the case that ``looking at race`` is discriminatory against Asian college students.  Right she is!  Discriminating for one group is discriminating against another.  If discrimination is morally unacceptable, it is morally unacceptable across the board, and using race or sex or lifestyle to promote the success of a group is every bit as bad as holding their station in life against them.

When I wrote
St. Louis; The Democrats Paradise, I received quite a bit of mail about reverse racial discrimination in the St. Louis Fire Department, a situation which has been ongoing since 1991 and resulted in legal action. Unfortunately, the lawsuit failed to resolve the issue, and the current administration has stopped all promotions until suitable black candidates can be found.  It should be noted that several white women are suffering the same discrimination as their male counterparts. Here are two separate timelines I received from readers proving a racial bias at the SLFP.

First responders cannot afford the acrimony which accompanies discriminatory affirmative action; firefighters, like soldiers, must depend on each-other for their lives-and the lives of those they are trying to save.  They have to form a cohesive brotherhood, and know they can absolutely trust their comrades-in-hoses; the bitterness of discrimination erodes that trust and damages that necessary cohesion.

It seems that sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander where liberal high dogma is concerned; it`s o.k. to discriminate for some but not for others.

These dangerous policies are not endemic to St. Louis; we see it in
Shreveport, in Jacksonville, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago.  In Minneapolis a lesbian was promoted to fire chief, and she began a campaign to hire and promote other homosexuals, while sexually harassing female firefighters.   (Fortunately, Minneapolis has dealt with this decisively.) 

In the post 911 world, such social engineering at the expense of excellence is more dangerous than ever; lives are simply too important to be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.