Honoring a murderer

There is an effort underway in New York City to have one of the city's streets named after convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, a man whose effort to evade justice has become a cause célèbre for many on the left. This lamentable episode a classic illustration of liberals' modus operandi as they seek to tear apart this society by subverting all standards of right and wrong, good and evil. It would be difficult to conceive of anything more twisted or perverse than honoring a vicious murderer in this way.

Urban Infidel - the New York blogger who brought us a sequence of eye opening photographs from a party given in honor of a convicted terrorist Lynne Stewart - is leading a drive to stop this insanity. Hers is a most commendable effort, for this controversy is nothing less than another clash in the war for the soul - and, indeed, the survival - of our country. Allowing this outrage to take place would represent another downward step into the vortex of the moral malaise that is increasingly threatening to engulf this nation. It is imperative that decent people stand up and actively fight the perversions that liberals seek to hoist on our society, whether it be naming streets after criminals, instituting homosexual marriages, or killing unborn babies.

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