Global warming malaise (a poem)

I'm afraid I've gone and gotten a Global Warming malaise.

I actually haven't thought of it in days and days and days.

I guess I haven't pondered, and I suspect I haven't got,

The right and wrong of whether I should drive my car or not.

If I read in bed at night, shall I use a flashlight only?

If I turn the TV and radio off, won't I get a little lonely?

I live in mortal danger, I should be full of dread.

Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi want to scramble up my head.

So I'm going to cook a thick rare steak, and invite some friends along.

We'll probably enjoy red wine, and the night will be filled with song.

We'll warm the globe with our laughter and the sparks from the charcoal grill

Will likely enrage and horrify each pathetic political shill.

I can't take them seriously any more. Let them groan through their gloomy days.

Tell them to go away and let me get on with my Global Warming malaise.

Mimi Evans Winship