Get into jail free

While Carter scuttles around the country promoting his lying, error filled book about Israel, the reality on the ground is much different.  The Arabs that Carter believes Israel should negotiate with so they could then live peacefully side by side, are engaged in violently deadly intra Arab warfare.  So deadly in fact, that those families who do not want their sons to die via suicide are encouraging them instead to get arrested by the Israelis.
Increasing financial hardships lead some poor parents in the territories to encourage underage sons to harass IDF soldiers, get arrested; boys get shelter, families receive benefits from PA government
That's right--the Palestinian Authority, which has no money to provide basic services to their people, has money for parents whose sons are considered glorious martyrs for their cause.  Meanwhile, in their enemies' prison, the parents know their sons are safely housed, nutritionally fed, medically taken care of and more than adequately educated.

Such a deal!  Such an indication, that even a member of the Palestinian Council admits

"These people are sick