Conservative persuasion

One of the best short explanations of the different mentalities of government bureaucrats and private sector managers is found in this video posted on YouTube. I have no idea who created it, but I wish I could thank them.

Steven Warshawsky today discusses the need for conservatives to speak out and persuade the middle of the road voters. It seems to me that self-generating efforts like this video are part of the answer. As the internet becomes the dominant distribution system for video content, the need to buy airtime for such messages will diminish.

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Update: Reader David Bookless informs us that it is the first half of a two-minute ad for the "Becel Hearth Health Makeover"--"Win a personal trainer, dietitian, life coach and more"--from Becel Heart Health and not a comment on government employees.

The fact that it works so well as a depiction of the passive attitude of government employees makes the irony all the sweeter.