Clintonites hedging their bet with Obama

There are few politicians shrewder or tougher than Rahm Emanuel, my Chicago Northside neighbor. His leadership of the Democrats' efforts to regain control of the House paid off handsomely last November for the Democrats, enhancing his clout. His brother Ari Emanuel is a Hollywood über-agent reportedly the basis for the manic agent Ari Gold portrayed by Jeremy Piven in HBOs series Entourage. Ari has been a powerhouse fundraiser for the Democrats in Hollywood.

As a team, the Emanuel boys are a force of nature within the Democratic Party. Until now, they were firmly in the Clintons camp, and had to be counted a major asset for the Hillary campaign for president.

But Michelle Caruso of the New York Daily News reports reports today that
A spokesman for the Endeavor agency head confirmed [Ari] Emanuel "will be doing some sort of event [for Obama] in February."
It looks to me as though the Emanuel boys are pulling off a skilful straddle. If Barack starts to pull away, it will be an easy shift for Rahm to back his home state candidate Obama, who will anyway surely  understand his long term Hillary allegiance. Rahm worked in the Clinton White House, and the Clintons helped raise money for his  initial run for Congress in 2002, when he came from behind to win a close primary fight.
But if Hillary wins, the Emanuels will be the fixers to get Obama the second spot on the ticket. Nobody is better than Hollywood  super-agents at putting together such deals.