Bungler Brzezinksi finds fault

Zbigniew Brzezinski takes to the op-ed pages of the Washington Post to (surprise!) to point out "five flaws" in President Bush's plan to win the war in Iraq.

As National Security Advisor during the Carter presidency, he did not lead a particularly successful foreign policy. If we take out Camp David - which was really an initiative of Sadat - what singular foreign policy achievements can Zbig point out to that would qualify him as a wise man worth consulting?

Carter and Company were unable to dislodge Russia from Afghanistan, oversaw the downfall of the Shah and the rise of the radical Shiite regime in Iran, saw the image of America erode as it sat hapless in dealing with the Iranian hostage crisis and then flubbed it by a mission that went awry, tarnishing the image of the US military and our nation. If anyone should know the futility of dealing with Iran's regime and the peril that it poses, it should be Brezinski.

Of course, Brzezinski blames the neocons around Bush (and "outside of the White House") and then jarringly and obviously, singling out Joe Lieberman as being a supporter of more troops in Iraq. Since when do "people outside the White House" control foreign policy?

By lumping Lieberman into this mix (and by mentioning only him and not McCain, for example), Brzezinski seems to be pointing to the nefarious influence of ... guess who?

Why consult this "expert" who has an unaccomplished past and a conspiratorial and bigoted mindset?