Today Jed Babbin demands that the Department of Justice declassify the suspect CIA referral in the Plame case and I can only underscore my agreement with his position:
The CIA criminal referral in the Libby case may be entirely truthful. Or it may be sprinkled with false assertions about Plame, her status, and what the damage to national security was when she was revealed as a CIA employee (there was no such damage.) If there is a crime in this case, it may be that the CIA's referral was false, which would be - at least - a false statement offense, a felony under Title 18 US Code Section 1001.

Now - before the Libby case comes to trial - the CIA referral should be declassified and released to the public in its entirety. We should know why this case began, and what crimes the CIA so fervently believed were committed that it went to the lengths it did to force the Justice Department into an investigation it apparently didn't believe needed to be done.
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