A conspiracy of silence

Britain's Channel Four presented a documentary showing that imams at Birmingham's Green Lane mosque and some other British mosques previously thought to be moderate, in fact preach radical Islamic beliefs. Such reports have surfaced regarding some mosques in North America and no doubt Europe has similar houses of worship as well. 

These revelations should frighten the socks off Westerners, yet  whatever sense of fear and concern Westerners may have felt at first hearing of such news, complacency, multiculturalist delusions and political correctness  soon begin to numb fears, still tongues and  cloud Westerners' vision of the clear, present and imminent  deadly threat that radical Islam poses to the West.

Robert Spencer, writing in Front Page Magazine, gave further insight into the significance of this investigative documentary and into the defensive reaction of leading British Muslim voices and organizations. Instead of joining their non-Muslim fellow British citizens in denouncing the imams and those in the subject mosques for their extremism, UK  mostly blame the media for fostering Islamophobia by having made public the ugly truth that these British Mosques are preaching and teaching Islamic radicalism. 

Radical Muslims and supporters have all along been playing Western non-Muslims for fools. Imams do not preach in empty mosques.  They preach in mosques attended by Muslim congregants.  The  Muslim congregants of Birmingham's Green Mosque knew full well of the  radical views, so incompatible with Western society and threatening to their fellow non-Muslim British citizens,  being preached in their mosque. 

A Muslim congregation's silence in the face of a radical imam strengthens and empowers radical Islam to the West's extreme prejudice. This conspiracy of silence aids Muslim extremist imams and other leaders living in the West to go undetected and therefore unhindered in their efforts to promote, influence,  spread and inculcate radical Islamic beliefs among Western Muslims.

Bill Narvey

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