The Arab world's Dr. Ruth

Apparently, the Arab world is ready for its own version of Dr. Ruth's sex talk show. According to Israel Insider, a Cairo University professor of forensic medicine is moonlighting on television with a weekly show featuring explicit discussion of sexual issues. Of course, everything revolves around Islam, and what it does and doesn't permit.

Heba Kotb is a conservative Muslim, wears an Islamic head scarf, and goes on television once a week to talk -- frankly and in great detail -- about sex.

On her show, "Big Talk," Kotb answers questions from Muslims all over the Middle East about the most intimate bedroom issues with an openness that is shocking and revolutionary in a society where discussing the subject is taboo. [....]
"My studies revealed to me more and more how Islam was ahead in all sexual matters ... I discovered that Islam understood sex long before the rest of the world."
For example, Islam "stresses the importance of foreplay," Kotb said, and she often stresses to listeners that women should also enjoy sex. 
I certainly hope that the good doctor Kotb's show is carried in Somalia, Indonesia and other Islamic countries, including some in the Middle East, where clitorectomy is practiced. I always figured that mutilating the female genitalia would somewhat diminish the pleasure offered by foreplay and actual sex. But obviously, I know much less than the good doctor. Islam is really ahead of the world in understanding these

Hat tip: Jack Kemp