Joe Kennedy, do-gooder (updated)

Today in the Boston Globe, Joe Kennedy defends his decision to take oil from the poor Venezuelans to give to the poor of America in return for his promoting Chavez.
poster RU4us did some research and notes:

According to Citizen's Energy Corporation's Form 990 for 2004;
they took in $20,189,210;

Wages and salaries $874,375; (not counting consulting fees and even an investment bankers fee of $36,000);

to give Assistance of aproximately $2,800,00.

Leaving them with a balance for the year of $48,500,000.

They even gained $224,000 in the sale of Heating Oil Futures and $2,400,000 in the sale of Publicly Traded Equities.

They were benevolent however, giving about $25,000 to various family funds like the JFK Library.
Update: Richard Baehr adds:

Joe Kennedy thinks Venezuela has a fairer, more just society than America, now that Hugo Chavez is leading a socialist revolution that is redistributing the country's wealth. Even better news, according to Kennedy is that Chavez is offering discounted home heating oil to some Americans, presumably  ravaged by the scourge of capitalism. All the "lessons" of  mindless left wing class warfare are here in one short op ed piece.  Every time we think we have found the dimmest bulb among the Kennedy clan, we learn that  there is one even dimmer.