Liberals' sudden new respect for a Christian holiday

Recently US agents raided Swift meat packing plants in many states to round up illegal aliens. The liberal press was outraged that this was done on a major Mexican religious holiday/festival, the Virgin of Guadeloupe Day, celebrated December 12. 

article didn't even capitalize "Virgin." I suppose this is a continued attempt to show their contempt for religion in general and Christianity in particular. Nevertheless, I am prepared to shout, "Hallelujah!"
The libs all of a sudden want to honor a December Christian holiday that relates to the Mother of Christ. I guess Tomas Rome, in his AT
article, was right: just celebrate the Christmas holiday in a non-Anglo context and the liberals will respect it - especially if illegal aliens are involved.

So I guess this means that the ACLU won't object to stores playing Jose Feliciano's "Feliz Navidad" (which I just heard an hour ago while walking by my local Radio Shack). Bing Crosby, eat your heart out!

        (Jack Kemp is not the former politican of the same name - Editor)

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