France and the Rwanda genocide

Writing in the London Times  Andrew Wallis presents a story that has been utterly ignored by the US media: Evidence for active French collusion in the Rwandan genocide of an estimated one million Tutsis by the French-supported Hutu regime in 1994, under French Socialist President Mitterrand. The normally staid Times' story is stark and accusatory. It is entitled, France, steeped in genocidal blood, must face trial.  The evidence for official French involvement is indeed damning:

In April 1994 the French Embassy became the setting for the formation of the extremist Hutu Government that was to organise and carry out the meticulously planned genocide of the Tutsis. Witnesses spoke of these ministers, many now facing life imprisonment for crimes against humanity, sitting in plush embassy chairs comparing notes on where the killing was going best. Their host, the French Ambassador, later helped to evacuate those extremists to Paris, away from the apocalypse they had created. The ambassador then made a bonfire of two rooms piled high with documents linking his Government with that of the Hutu dictatorship of Juvénal Habyarimana.
US liberals tend to fall for incessant moral preaching from Europe. The entire liberal-socialist world-view is based on that piece of snob fiction. It is high time for us to grow out of it. Genocide is no joke, and France has a long and disgraceful history of active malevolence in its foreign actions. That destructive record was repeated as recently as ten years ago under a Socialist government whipping up genocidal killings in Africa.

Today, France is to the European Union what Prussia was to Bismarck's German Reich, packing the EU bureaucracy with its own people and self-serving policies. The EU is emphatically not a democratic enterprise; it is dictatorial, and its emerging foreign policy is just as cynical as the foreign policy of France. That is why the UN has never been able to intervene in the Sudan genocide.

The French political class hates America with a passion, and sabotaging the US has been a top goal  since De Gaulle. The current Socialist candidate for the French presidency, Segolene Royal, has just demanded that Britain must abandon the Anglo-American  relationship to be accepted by the EU --- which means kowtowing to French anti-Americanism.

But the corrupt and cynical French political class lacks any moral compass, as we know from its participation in the Oil-for-Food scandal, when Saddam Hussein was able to buy French support by skimming oil profits supposedly intended for Iraqi children. France helped Saddam's generals escape the US invasion by giving them EU passports --- the same generals who ran the insurgency that may yet bring down the first  elected government in Iraq. It is all of a piece with France's long-standing record of narcissistic malevolence in foreign affairs. The Rwandan genocide is of a piece with French policy since the Vichy regime of World War Two.