The return of the moderate white Democrat - for now

Moderate white Democrat congressman almost became extinct after 1990, when Congressional districts were redrawn to maximize Black and Hispanic seats.  This year the Democrats wisely decided they could not win in suburban and rural districts with openly liberal candidates, and set out to recruit some old fashioned moderate white Democrats. A lack of emphasis on abortion rights certainly helped Democrats candidates among Catholic and evangelical voters, while the positive embrace of the right to carry arms by some Democrats kept the formidable NRA on the sidelines. The question now becomes whether these successful candidates will, in fact,  vote like moderates. It would be healthy for the Democrat Party to maintain a sizable block of suburban and rural moderates to restrain the liberal excesses of urban colleagues from districts that are 80% or more Democrat. Unfortunately, several factors work against that happening for long.  Much of the vast sums spent by...(Read Full Post)