Soros' Move on Accuses Jews of Dual Loyalties

By cites approvingly an attack on Jews as dual loyalists in the far left blog Counterpunch.

This essay describes many of the familiar neo—conservatives as having "dual loyalties," making policy decisions in the interests of the State of Israel as much as the United States.

A Rose By Another Other Name

The Bush Administration's Dual Loyalties

by KATHLEEN and BILL CHRISTISON, former CIA political analysts [....] 

These people, who can fairly be called Israeli loyalists, are now at all levels of government, from desk officers at the Defense Department to the deputy secretary level at both State and Defense, as well as on the National Security Council staff and in the vice president's office.

We still tiptoe around putting a name to this phenomenon. We write articles about the neo—conservatives' agenda on U.S.—Israeli relations and imply that in the neo—con universe there is little light between the two countries. We talk openly about the Israeli bias in the U.S. media. We make wry jokes about Congress being "Israeli—occupied territory." Jason Vest in The Nation magazine reported forthrightly that some of the think tanks that hold sway over Bush administration thinking see no difference between U.S. and Israeli national security interests. But we never pronounce the particular words that best describe the real meaning of those observations and wry remarks. It's time, however, that we say the words out loud and deal with what they really signify.

Dual loyalties. The issue we are dealing with in the Bush administration is dual loyalties—the double allegiance of those myriad officials at high and middle levels who cannot distinguish U.S. interests from Israeli interests, who baldly promote the supposed identity of interests between the United States and Israel, who spent their early careers giving policy advice to right—wing Israeli governments and now give the identical advice to a right—wing U.S. government, and who, one suspects, are so wrapped up in their concern for the fate of Israel that they honestly do not know whether their own passion about advancing the U.S. imperium is motivated primarily by America—first patriotism or is governed first and foremost by a desire to secure Israel's safety and predominance in the Middle East through the advancement of the U.S. imperium.

The authors also argue that Christian fundamentalists——because of their support of Israel are also dual loyalists.
And who are the authors of this piece? Winged Hussar did some research:

Now, who are Bill and Kathleen Christison? A Google search finds the following beauty:

Zionism as a Racist Ideology Reviving an Old Theme to Prevent Palestinian Ethnicide


Too Many Smoking Guns to Ignore: Israel, American Jews, and the War on Iraq

by BILL and KATHLEEN CHRISTISON former CIA political analysts (emphasis added)

"Authors' note: Given the prevailing atmosphere in the United States for debate on Israel, the frequency with which critics of Israel are accused of malicious ethnic motives, and the widespread skittishness about associating Israel or American Jews with war planning against Iraq, the following items are of particular interest. The first of these items reports a clear Jewish effort to suppress any evidence of Jewish support for war. "

[end quoted material]

Bill Christison is also a 9/11 denier.

netwmd notes that this time MoveOn can't blame conservatives for this anti—Semitic attack on its website. can't blame this one on shadowy conservative operatives

'Crazed Christian fundamentalists' smeared along with Jews
by Bill Levinson has argued that the racist, anti—Semitic, and anti—Catholic hate speech at its Action Forum were planted there by conservative operatives, apparently right under the noses of moderators who were very diligent about finding and deleting criticisms of itself. Now perhaps MoveOn will claim that a huge invisible (Republican) elephant hacked into their Web site and posted this under the name 'Noah Winer.'

Clarice Feldman   10 26 06

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