Harry Reid's backstory

The current inattention Harry Reid is receiving from the MSM regarding his shady land deals prompted me to enter his name at Google.  Very interesting info out there on Dingy Harry.  For instance, at Political Gateway you can read a Steve Bowers column "The Log In Harry Reid's Eyes" about his pushing through the innocuous—sounding 2002 legislation titled the " Clark County (Nevada) Conservation of Public Land and Natural Resources Act."  Averring that it was bi—partisan bill, Sen. Reid failed to note that it "promised a cavalcade of benefits to real estate developers, corporations and local institutions (who paid) thousands of dollars in lobbying fees to his (Reid's) sons and son—in—laws firms, federal lobbyists reports show."   The Bowers column also contains a link to an LA Times article which takes a critical look at Reid's numerous land deals.  Specifically, it lists six instances where the senator sponsored...(Read Full Post)