Welcome to the real world, professors


The state of Missouri wants to run background checks on college professors at its four state university campuses.  Some pompous professors are outraged about not being considered above the law. Welcome to the real world.

It is about time this started to happen. I hope the idea spreads to other states, as the incidents of professoral criminality mentioned in the article need to be addressed.

I recall one time in the 1990s, black groups were angry that New York City wanted to fingerprint welfare recipients. They disliked the assumption of criminal background. At that time, I called former Mayor Ed Koch's radio program and got on the air to say that when I programmed computers at a bank, they took my fingerprints and sent them to the FBI.  And I was white, Jewish and a college grad. In fact, his screener told me moments before that he had been fingerprinted as a requirement of becoming a New York City public school teacher.
I also said on the air that the bank also made me take a drug test. Ed Koch mused about adding that requirement to receiving welfare, knowing it would never happen in New York.

Jack Kemp (not the politician)  8 07 06 4:33 PM EDT