George Soros and the Shadow Democratic Party


Did you ever wonder how a small group of Boomer radicals took over the Democratic Party, the universities, the media and Bolshiewood? David Horowitz may know. What's more, he thinks it's happening again, with what he and Richard Poe call the "Shadow Party," a "George Soros conglomerate" that can mobilize some $300 million in political money to control the Dems.

Horowitz explains, in a chilling interview with Bill Steigerwald of the Pittsburgh Tribune—Review, based on his new book with Richard Poe called The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party (Nelson Current).

George Soros, a billionaire, has engineered campaign finance reform, by pouring tens of millions of dollars — and getting others to do it too — into the campaign finance reform movement. What this did was it limited the ability of the political parties to raise money. As soon as the campaign finance laws came into place, they had a loophole — and naturally they would, because Soros was behind this — for private organizations like, called 527s, that could collect money.

Soros managed to put together a coalition, which we call the Shadow Party, which accounted for about $300 million in the Democratic campaign. Actually, it was much more than that. He put together a group that orchestrated media ads, so that meant that his groups, since they were in place before the democratic nominee was even chosen, were able to shape the message of the John Kerry campaign and, in effect, control the campaign that way.

The Stalinesque purge of Joe Lieberman is a case in point. If Lieberman is defeated, no Democrat will dare to stand up against the hard—Left party line.

But it goes further. According to Horowitz,

...through another organization they have, Americans Coming Together, they also put together the ground war. ACT was composed of big government unions, like SEIU, and teacher unions. They were able to produce 100,000 campaign workers and huge amounts of money to knock on doors and get out the vote. Because Soros and the group he put together control both the ground war and the air war of Democratic campaigns, that means that every elected Democratic official has got to pay attention to what they say. [....]

No Democrat can certainly be elected without it. He's made an alliance of course with Hillary Clinton and the Clinton team, which is the organization called the Center for American Progress, which is run by Clinton's former chief of staff, John Podesta, and there is a whole constellation of organizations around that solidifies his power. So there really is no other center of power that is significant in the Democratic Party anymore.

... What they want is a form of socialism.

Although I'm averse to conspiracy theories, the Horowitz account is certainly consistent with the public record. Of the top twenty 527 organizations (which do not have to publicly report their contributors), at least fourteen are Left—leaning, accounting for more than $300 million. Five unions are in the top twenty 527s, using compulsory members' dues.  Just two of those unions swing $66 million, plus of course a lot of union—paid campaign staff that are not counted as campaign contributions. All by itself ACT has $ 78 million.

So much for "campaign finance reform."

The big concern is centralization of power in people like Soros, a modern robber baron who used to enjoy knocking over the currencies of countries like Malaysia. But he has gone on to bigger things. It is no surprise to see the Clintons in bed with Soros, since they instinctively go for the smell of money and power. Bill Clinton can't be president any more, but he loves to pull strings behind the scenes. If Hillary gets into the White House the Clintons can have another eight years of power. And we know they have never stopped being Sixties radicals. They are not small—d democrats; they are elitist radicals who know what is best for all of us, and are delighted to force us do it. On top of all that, they exercise unbelievably bad judgment in terms of national security.

One straw in the wind is the fate of Congressman Curt Weldon, now in trouble for re—election in Pennsylvania. Weldon is one of the few Congress members to try to hold our sorry intelligence community to account.  Weldon has been targeted by all the apoplectic has—beens of the Clinton National Security apparatus. If we lose Curt Weldon in Congress the Left would cheer, but the country would be in worse trouble than it is today.

It's a dangerous world. The Left is in denial of danger ——— or worse, they are ready to sabotage the country and damn the consequences.  It might be time to pay heed to that old radical, David Horowitz.

James Lewis    8 04 06

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