Democrat Dingell's website drops links to Israel-bashers

From the JTA news agency: The Web site of U.S. Rep. John Dingell (D—Mich.) was linked for five years to the Web sites of the Arab Anti—Discrimination Committee and the Arab American News. ADC's site contains accounts of 'massacres' in Lebanon with inflated numbers of casualties.The Arab American News, which labels Israeli actions in Lebanon the 'Israeli aggression,' is headed by Osama Siblani, chairman of the Congress of Arab American Organizations, which co—sponsored pro—Hezbollah rallies and news conferences, the Jewish News reported.The links were removed following recent inquiries by the Jewish weekly. Dingell's spokesman told the Jewish News the sites also had information on immigration issues, but he removed the links 'because they are voicing sentiments about the conflict' that Dingell 'strongly disagrees with and that are offensive to Mr. Dingell' and some of his constituents. Ed Lasky   8 23 06(Read Full Post)