Ringleader of London cartoon protests punished


Anjem Choudary — the extremist Muslim lawyer who in February organized the march on the Danish Embassy in London in protest against the Mohammed cartoons — has been punished for his actions.

As you may remember, the march seized the world's attention thanks to the breath—taking brazenness of our fellow Muslim citizens who, among other things, openly threatened a repeat of the July 7 underground bombings. One enterprising young Muslim even decked himself out as a suicide bomber lest anyone fail to get the point, while others brandished placards with slogans such as  'Massacre those who insult Islam,' 'Europe you will pay' and 'Europe you'll come crawling when Mujahideen come roaring'.

Given the serious nature of these threats, it is very satisfying to learn that the British government has finally come down on the ringleader of this event. His punishment?  A fine of