NYT columnist Bob Herbert's moral inversion


Op—ed columnist Bob Herbert equates ($link) Israeli and American killing of innocents to Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda murdering

The moral inversion at work at the New York Times is truly amazing.
But the unnecessary slaughter of innocents, whether by Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, American forces in Iraq or the Israeli defense forces, is always wrong, and should never be tolerated. So civilized people cannot in good conscience stand by and silently watch as hundreds of innocents are killed and thousands more threatened by the spasm of destruction unleashed by Israel in Lebanon. [....]
He writes of Israel's supposed "wanton killing civilians, including babies and children," ignoring Israel's attempts to target only military targets, and Hezbolla, precisely to ensure that "civilians, including babies" are hit.
Lebanon has had quite a lot of time after the Syrians were withdrawn to act against Hezbollah and help to stabilizize their nation. They refused to act.
Ed Lasky   7 24 06
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