North Korea

North Korea continues to bait the rest of the world with its program to launch missiles with no offcial notification of other nations, and with no regard for its neighbor Japan, which has been overflown contrary to international law. That Japanese cabinet secretary Abe has publicly spoken of examining the Japanese constitution's prohibition against the use of military force to see if it precludes a pre—emptive strike on the missile launching pad is already giving chills to other Asian neighbors, still haunted by the history of Japanese aggression. If nothing else, a significant line has been crossed in Japanese politics. China, though it may be enjoying American and Japanese discomfort, cannot be pleased. The threat of Japan responding by resolving to make nuclear weapons must be a major worry now. Once the decision is made, it would be a matter of a few months for Japan to build its own weapons, as plutonium stocks already exist, and Japanese technological capabilities are...(Read Full Post)