Bosnia discrimates against dhimmis

Once again, the Muslim world treats non—Muslims as second class citiznes or worse. So much for gratitutde for the help NATO (mostly the USA) provided against Serbia. From Ummah News Links: ... a new property restitution law in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina that officially discriminates in favor of the country's Muslims. A law passed earlier this month allows people living in state—owned apartments that were nationalized under the former Yugoslavia's socialist regime to purchase the dwellings. But the law — backed by lawmakers from the country's Muslim majority — provides that any apartment previously owned by the Muslim community cannot be purchased if the community objects to the sale. "Holders of tenant's tenure for apartments whose formal owners are wakfs can not buy up those apartments without previous written approval of the apartment's owner," the law states, using the Arabic word for a Muslim community endowment. The Jewish community,...(Read Full Post)