Re-visiting the Duelfer Report

In light of the news that some 500 weapons munitions containing degraded mustard or sarin nerve agent have been recovered by coalition forces since 2003, it might be to re—visit the  Iraq Survey Group's Duelfer Report.  Here is the link:  For a charted overview, go to "Regime Strategy & WMD Timeline."   There you will see the progressive improvement & development of Saddam's WMD program.  You will see items such as 1981 — Research Center 922 established to produce Mustard, Tabu, Sarin and VX (nerve agent) 1988 — Iraq receives last of 29 deliveries of 819 SCUDS from USSR 1990 — Iraq starts filling Al—Husayn special warheads (chem. weapons) & R—400 bombs at Al—Muthana 1995 — UNSCOM discovers 42 tons of biological warfare growth medium; Iraq cannot explain. The chart ends in late March 2003.  There can be no doubt that Saddam maintained the capability to restart his WMD program as...(Read Full Post)