Dems and the nutroots


I haven't written of the fratricidal warfare going on in America's left as the NYT and TNR duke it out with lefty blogger Kos. (Just One Minute has been doing a blow by blow for the past few days, and if you have time pop in.)
But Dan Riehl sees is as a sign that the Dems know that they are about to lose  the midterms bigtime and are looking to blame Kos, Dean and the "nutroots" for the shellacking.( Even Rahm Emannuel's  balletic skills have proven  insufficient to prevent the DNC from a floppo performance.) 
Here's an interesting bit Riehl cites from the Prowler:

Democrat National Committee chairman Howard Dean is seeing polling numbers that are making him a nervous man. Recent internal polling data for Senate races from Washington state, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, and Maryland —— with the exception of Missouri, which is a GOP defense —— shows Democrat support cratering if not crumbling around the edges.

Clarice Feldman   6 27 06

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