Civility shrugged


My pal Gary Larson delivers a well—deserved thrashing in The Intellectual Conservative to the editorial pages of the Minneapolis Star—Tribune, the laughably bad newspaper serving our mutual home town.

Sheer, ironic hypocrisy is standard fare in Minneapolis (MN) Star Tribune editorials. Never more ironic than in claims of 'incivility' in the State GOP's criticism of Senator Mark Dayton ('A mean shot at a lame duck,' June 14).

Senator Dayton, the undistinguished U.S. Senator now retiring, is treated in a Republican video in an 'unmannerly' way, says the editorial, asserting a lofty moral tone. It's so very uncouth, 'unMinnesotan,' to criticize a 'selfless' outgoing office—holder.


(Item: The Deputy Editorial Page Editor in a column once tagged President George W. Bush's go—to—war policies as Hitlerian.)


Welcome to the world beyond the looking glass, where the president is king, a war prevails eternally and the rule of law applies only to some. How long until the beheadings [sic] start?

It continues to amaze me that the paper has any readers left. Since the new publishers purchased it, there has been one good conservative added to the opinion pages, but the needed housecleaning of lefty loonies has yet to happen.

Thomas Lifson  6 20 06

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