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Human Rights Watch, the Soros—funded group at the heart of the Haditha Massacre story, is working with the Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), the group behind the Wilson/Plame imbroglio, to challenge Israel's claim that the explosion at the beach in Gaza was caused by the Palestinians. From Little Green Footballs:

So who does the media consult when they need an opinion? The George Soros—funded far—left 'NGO' Human Rights Watch and their shill Mark Garlasco, who (surprise!) think Israel is lying: Rights group refutes Israeli claim over Gaza beach deaths.

According to the Israeli inquiry, the shrapnel removed from Palestinians wounded in the incident and treated in Israel did not match the material used in Israeli ammunition.

A military analyst from the New York—based Human Rights Watch said on Tuesday that the explosion was 'most likely' the result of Israeli shelling.

'It is my contention that the most likely scenario is that Israeli shelling hit the area,' Marc Garlasco, a former Pentagon advisor, told journalists in Gaza City.

This follows the mainstream media's well—worn template of using commentary from radical left mouthpieces and describing them as experts, without mentioning their extremist agenda.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, meanwhile, is befuddled, bemused, and bewildered that a mine ended up on a beach! I mean, who's ever heard of that?

And UN Secretary General Kofi Annan described as 'odd' the suggestion by the Israeli investigation.

'To find a mine on the beach is rather odd,' he told reporters at the UN headquarters.

Here's more about Marc Garlasco and his connections to the shadowy Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity group, at Never Yet Melted.

Clarice Feldman   6 14 06