Airbus (continued)


Jack Risko of picks up on more bad news for Airbus.

According to Flight International's Max Kingsley—Jones in Toulouse, the delays may be considerably worse than have been so—far disclosed by Airbus:

Airbus has a battle on its hands if it is to complete certification of the A380 in time to deliver the first aircraft to Singapore Airlines (SIA) before the end of the year. Although Airbus says that the 'six— to seven—month' delay to A380 deliveries announced last week was an 'industrial issue' resulting from 'production ramp—up problems' and is not linked to any issues with the flight—test programme, certification has slipped and is not expected until the very end of the year.

It looks like a series of small problems is accumulating. That's not a good sign at all . Jack calls it this way:

We expect the revised schedule for the A380 to slip much further than so—far disclosed. Perhaps that is the reason that France seems to be panicked in anticipation of the next board meeting.

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