Abu Bashir's UN contract


In one of those PR moves that might just do the opposite of what was intended, the United Nations has cancelled a lucrative contract with leading Southeast Asian Islamofascist terrorist cleric, Abu Bakar Bashir. The latter was released from a Jakarta prison this week after doing just a piddling two years in jail for the 2002 Bali terror attacks, which killed 202.

The pathetic sentence amounted to about three days' jail per victim. To make matters worse, hundreds of jubilant militants greeted the killer from the prison and then set up a 12—hour parading convoy, accompanied by police escorts, to take the Yemeni—born terrormaster to his Surakarta base in central Java, where he declared he would resume preaching hate.

So the UN is supposed to be praised for its contract cancellation, showing its good intentions and resolve against terror and ...?

Let's go back a minute.

Abu Bakar Bashir had a UN contract? This monster was UN—financed?

What was Abu Bakar Bashir doing with a UN contract in the first place? Which pinheaded, morally—zeroed out UN bureaucrat made the decision to give this fearsome terror—generating madrassa some money? Who signed off on this?

Even if the UN money were not stolen or used for more Bali bombings by these al—Qaida—linked terrorists, the UN money, which was supposed to be distributed to Yogyakarta earthquake victims, would have done a lot to undermine the war on terror by boosting this organization. To have had earthquake aid distribution come through this organization would have given these terrorists a high and unearned quotient of good PR among Indonesians, building a goodwill of sorts among the recipients.

Absolutely intolerable.

Someone at the UN needs to find another contract terminated. His or her own employment contract. Immediately.

A.M. Mora y Leon 06 15 06