Rx for Canada's foreign policy

As we have noted with great pleasure, Canada is pursuing new directions under Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Despite claims by the American Left that we Americans are "isolated" and unpopular because of our foreign policies, voters in important democracies have chosen governments (Germany and Canada)  more closely aligned with our policies and goals than their predecessors, or re—elected leaders (Australia and Japan) committed to working with us. The Canadian Coalition for Democracies is a group north of the border concerned with building a world in which democracy flourishes. A recent paper by its chairman Alistair Gordon has been posted, and is worth persual. So far, the United States has been spared enforced attention to some of the issues it treats, such as Tamil Tiger terrorism. For this reason, and also because Canada's fate matters to America much more than most of us and our media are ready to admit, the "Rx for Canada's foreign policy" is worth a dosage. Thomas...(Read Full Post)