Hugo Chavez wants your vote

Looking for something to be alarmed about? Forget Dubai. Try Venezuela's potential takeover of the U.S. voting apparatus. A secretive, intransparent company called 'Smartmatic' that's known to have ties to the Venezuelan government, has just bought a U.S. voting machine company called Sequoia. And the deal has gotten no scrutiny from federal regulators, who cite outdated criteria for national military security as their only watchpoint. That's right, Venezuela, a country that holds the dirtiest, filthiest most intransparent and fraudulent elections in the hemisphere, elections that match those of Zimbabwe or Belarus, has just got its hands on a U.S. electronic voting company and now might be in charge with the outcome of your vote. There is not one good thing about this deal. Aleksander Boyd at VCrisis has done an extraordinary job of ferreting the first reports of this information out here.  And the Miami Herald has a spectacular editorial. Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has...(Read Full Post)